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 Smart Phones

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PostSubject: Smart Phones   Smart Phones I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 06, 2011 10:05 pm

Misses has a iphone 3gs which is nice but i had to get a new one and ended up with a HTC HD2. 4.3'' screen is a killer and all the other specs are great too.
Anyway the mobiles os was windows 6.5 mobile. It sux big time but the Dark forces team has cracked it open , been one off HTC's most hacked phone. They way the os's can be changed to android or windows 6.5 to the new windows 7. Not sure how stable windows 7 is , im hearing great reports so far.

Any way this post is for people like me that did not want to follow the crowd and not sure what OS they wanted. HTC HD2 is a great phone and if u dont like the os then its easy to change unlike every other phone on the market. 2 yrs on a contract with a phone u dont like would sux big time, this is great what dark forces have done.
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Smart Phones
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