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 DK7_IceManNZ's Application

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PostSubject: DK7_IceManNZ's Application   DK7_IceManNZ's Application I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 1:14 pm

Online Playing name (include any past names/aliases) : DK7_IceManNZ

·Origin Account name (so we can learn a bit about you in game):DK7_IceManNZ i also play on ps3 which is DK_IceManNZ

·First Name : Shaun

·Age: 20

·Do you own a microphone? Yes

·Are you currently in a clan? *If so what one(s)*: No

·Have you been in any other clan before *If so what one(s)*: Yes "N2O" (Never Too Old)

·How did you hear about *=JKS=*? (please be as specific as possible) My mate Harding joined you guys a while ago and he told me about your community here.

·Have you ever bought/ used hacks or cheats? No

·Which online games do you play? BF3, Arma2 (DayZ), rFactor (Kiwi Superstocks, 1.2 Stockcars, etc), Diablo 3, Sniper Elite V2)

·How often do you game online? Get on nearly every day, have a blast around.

·Favourite style of play? Stealth Silent Weaponary. but also can be a fast aggressive player.

·Favourite vehicle? LAV

·Can you take a joke? Yeah always. its always good to have a laugh and get amongst it all

·Reason that you want to join Jokers? From who ive met on TS3 you guys seem like a real good bunch of guys and im really interested on joining and becoming part of you guys to further my skills and team play..

"I agree to follow the *=JKS=* Clan Rules in full"

Cheers Shaun

*EDIT* There ya go lylow.. sorry i read the rules but didnt see the piece where it tells me to copy and paste once read and agreed=) cheers matey..

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PostSubject: Re: DK7_IceManNZ's Application   DK7_IceManNZ's Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2012 5:19 am

Hey matey.

Sorry I havent replied before today. We've all been chatting on TeamSpeak, and it slipped my mind to put in a proper reply to your app. Again my apologies.

Harding and Challenge have told me about you, (nearly all bad things, haha kidding) and Im looking forward to playing with you more during the next couple of weeks while youre our recruit.

Make sure you try to come on TeamSpeak everytime you go gaming - even if Harding and Challenge arent online.
At JKS its not about how good you are, how many kills you get, or how fast you score. Its about fitting in with the guys, having a laugh, and always working together to get the win. So the more we get to know you, the easier it will be to make you a full member mate.

And one last thing - just regarding your application itself - I'll get you to double check this thread here:

JKS Clan Rules

Read right through to the end, there is a section regarding clan applicants. You'll need to edit your application accordingly. (If you have any trouble, just have a chat to Hardo or Challenge).

Cheers again mate for putting in the app. Good luck!

- Lylow

DK7_IceManNZ's Application Lylow
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DK7_IceManNZ's Application
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