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 JKS are recruiting again!

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JKS are recruiting again! Empty
PostSubject: JKS are recruiting again!   JKS are recruiting again! I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 01, 2011 5:36 pm

Hey guys.

To all our mates on the forums, and potential recruits that have all been waiting patiently - JKS has now released a full set of clan and server rules for the new game of Battlefield 3. As such we have once again opened up the clan for recruiting and expansion. Before applying we would ask you to please have a two minute read through of all of those new rules:


If you are interested in joining the clan now is the time to put in your applications. And to all our current recruits who's applications have been put on hold - expect us to be checking out your applications during the next week or two. (Please be online as much as you can - if you are AFK for large periods during the next few weeks, we may have to reject your application due to inactivity).

Also, in some slight changes to our recruiting policy we would like to know a little bit about how you found us. So please let us know where abouts you came across JKS. In game? Playing on our server? On the internet or community forums? The more detail you provide, the easier your application can be processed.

Ok guys, thats all for now. Thanks for reading. Good luck with BF3 and enjoy gaming with the JKS Clan!

- Lylow, JKS Clan Admin

JKS are recruiting again! Lylow
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JKS are recruiting again!
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